Welcome to Queen of Heaven Parish

Our parish is dedicated to the advancement and fulfillment of the Body of Christ through the intercession of Mary,
Queen of Heaven. We encounter God through the celebration of the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture and the worshiping Community.
We hope you’ll feel welcome in our home, and we look forward to praying with you here. 
Peace, Father Dave Richards – Administrator

White Smoke:  I am excited to share with you that a pastor has been appointed!

Father Greg Faulhaber will be joining the Queen of Heaven community December 1st.
Stepping into Father Tom’s shoes is no small task and I know that we will give him all the love and support
that I’m sure Father Tom experienced from this community when he began 18 years ago. He is eagerly
looking forward to serving here and will be preaching all of the Masses December 5th and 6th.
Personally, I’m looking forward to serving Queen of Heaven with Father Greg
and can’t wait to see what the Spirit has in store for our future.


For victims and survivors of sexual abuse by members of the Catholic clergy, the OCYP offers
support and resources to begin the process of help and healing.

“We can’t give the victims of abuse back their innocence, but we can assure them that we will
do all in our power to see to it that no child is so harmed again.”
~ Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, President

Read a Prayer for Healing

A Prayer for Healing for Victims of Abuse

God of endless love, ever caring, ever strong, always present, always just: You gave your only Son to save us by the blood of his cross. Gentle Jesus, shepherd of peace, join to your own suffering the pain of all who have been hurt in body, mind, and spirit by those who betrayed the trust placed in them. Hear our cries as we agonize over the harm done to our brothers and sisters. Breathe wisdom into our prayers, soothe restless hearts with hope, steady shaken spirits with faith: Show us the way to justice and wholeness, enlightened by truth and enfolded in your mercy. Holy Spirit, comforter of hearts, heal your people’s wounds and transform our brokenness. Grant us courage and wisdom, humility and grace, so that we may act with justice and find peace in you. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.